Kick in the pants


still loving the sunrise on our back porch!
maybe i have been missing from blog world for a while. it is hard to know sometimes what i want to do.... i have actually been busy with projects & family.

really, i have.
there are times i just can't decide which direction to go. and, sometimes most of the time, this causes me to get little done.  *sigh*

yesterday, a friend reminded me that she hasn't seen any updates on my blog... thus, she gave me that 'kick in the pants' i needed. :)

here are some photos of what has been going on at our homestead....

a new messenger style bag i have started making!  made 3 already.
just love that they are small and easy to carry.

my largest floorcloth order to date! 
a beautiful 6'x8' which now resides on cape cod!

last year we planted some strawberries...
but this year we got our first 'crop'!

we harvested our first honey from a hive that swarmed in the fall.
we didn't harvest it until early spring
(thus the snow in the background, haha)

i hope to get back on track and keep adding new and interesting ideas, projects, trips, etc...  but, this is a good start! can't wait to share what quilts i have worked on lately, what's growing in the garden, travels we have taken...

happy monday!

~ julie


  1. Yay! Glad to see you back! Look at all that honey!

  2. Atualize seu blog. Você deve estar fazendo coisas bonitas!!!