awesome blogs deserve an award!

last month my fellow blogger & friend, mary, awarded me with the 'liebster award.'  i was really honored and thought it was such fun.  once you receive the liebster award... you get to award several other blogs with less than 300 followers with the award, too.  because i am fairly new to the blogging world, it has taken me a little bit longer than i had thought to find some new bloggers who are fabulous creative folks sharing with us through their blogs.

but now, i have found several which i would like to give the liebster award to...

two hippos is a wonderful blog with a variety of fun ideas, crafts, quilts, recipes, and so on and so on :-)  last week she had a wordless week and shared some interesting photos and/or thoughts/ideas.  check her blog out at two hippos!

sew much to say is another blog which i happened upon while surfing around.  amanda rose has just started her blog, but i can already see how wonderful and creative it is going to be!  i suggest you check out her blog and see what you think!  'follow' her at sew much to say and see what fun things she introduces us to along the way.

livin' it up on a little is a great blog that lets you know of good deals to save you money... who doesn't want to save money?  amy lives in north carolina and makes sure that she includes deals that you can use no matter where you live.  go to livin' it up on a little and start saving today :-)

hope you enjoy these blogs!


proud momma

my little girl (ok, so she is 21 and married) is in the process of making her first quilt.  she is so talented and artistic.  i have no doubt it will be bea-u-ti-ful!  she stopped over last week when she didn't have classes to cut her pieces out.  she is an art education major at ohio state university.  she will graduate this june after just 3 years.  her husband will graduate in zoology in june as well.  anyway...

back to her quilt...  here is a sneak peek at what she is creating...



enjoy the last weekend of february (can you believe it?)



coming together

at the end of last week i was able to finish piecing together my latest quilt.  it came together well... which was exciting! :-)  on saturday we took a quick trip to visit my mother-in-law and her husband in beckley, west virginia.  but... before i left town, i quickly cleared out my kitchen so i could make my quilt sandwich. mmmmmm.

the back...

the batting...

the top...

and after it was all pinned together, i was able to pack it up and take it with me!  yea! already have some of the handquilting done. lookin' good!


oo la la

i received my french general la petite ecole fabric.  i love it!  i immediately unwrapped the jelly roll to see all the beautiful fabrics...

this new quilt is for some friends who are getting married... and they are osu (as in 'the buckeyes of ohio state) grads.  the colors are scarlet & gray... so i am hoping that the colors have a hint of osu and the rest is just loveliness.

anywho, i immediately started cutting my pieces for the quilt.  there are a lot of little pieces...

i am excited to see it all put together! 

also, my daughter has decided to make a quilt as well!  hurray!  she ordered her fabric which arrived yesterday.  it is sitting in a box in my craft room... i want to open it soooo badly... but it is not mine.  she will be here on friday to start hers.  i know it is going to be beautiful.

now, off to bed to read 'water for elephants' on my nook.  :-)


happy valentine's day

it was a cloudy, cold, windy valentine's day here in ohio... but that made for a good day to get some things done in the house.  after a year, i finally labeled all my boxes that surround my craft table.  a whole year of thinking... 'which box is that in?  this one?  ooops, nope, not that one...' and so on. 

but not anymore!  now i can find everything i need.  yahoo! 

thread, anyone?  
happy heart day!


cuddle up

over the weekend i completed my bliss baby quilt.  it is so cuddly!  after i washed & dried it... it is so soft and snuggly.  i hope that this new lovely baby girl will enjoy it and spend much time cuddled up with her mom and dad... and the quilt. :-) 

here are some shots of it a little closer up...

i have already chosen my next project and ordered some lovely french general fabric.  i am excited to get started on it.  i will be using a pattern from simplify by camille rosekelley (i know, i have mentioned the book before, but it has so many wonderful patterns!) *love it!  in the meantime, i plan to do some cleaning, organizing, and maybe a small project or two.  in preparation for spending hours working on the new quilt. 

our weather has been crazy with snow, sleet, freezing rain, rain.  we don't know from one minute to the next what exactly is going to start falling from the sky.  but, we did put some bird seed out on our deck.  it has been fun to sit and watch the cardinals and other birds who have 'dined' with us. 

stay warm.  be creative.  smile.