just dreamin'

i was surfing around again.  i know, i know, i need to get a life.  but there is just sooooo much to see and learn about what other folks are doing.  one link leads to another link which leads to another.  come on, you know what i mean.  you've been there.  you've done it.  'this is the last one, then i am getting off the computer...'    'seriously, this is it.  i have other stuff to do.'  and so on and so on and so on.  but, that is all beside the point.  or at least a different point.  i found betz white's blog.  she was picking a word for her year. sort of like a theme.  something to strive for in her life throughout the year.  i had seen this on another blog last week, but was in a hurry so didn't think much about it.  i read through the comments and there were so many good words.  it was interesting to see what people had chosen as 'their' word.  so, even though it is almost may... why not still have a word for my 2011 year? i mean, 3/4 of the year is still left after all.

i have decided on dream... because over the last couple weeks i have been dreaming about what i want to be when i grow up.  (yeah, yeah, i know i am 47, but what does that really mean?)  i asked my lovely husband yesterday, 'have you every wanted to be great at something?'  that has been my thought lately.  what might that one thing be that i am really great at?  what is it that others might look towards me to for 'expert' advice?  there are so many things in this amazing world to learn and do... places to visit... people to meet... is there something that i would just dive into and never look back? 

well, for now, i am going to be dreaming.  dreaming about what i love. dreaming about new crafts/art to try.  dreaming about what new places i might get to see.  dreaming about what wonders lay ahead. 



a new morning routine?

if you read an earlier blog, i said i was going to try to get up at 6am each morning... so, you might be wondering how that is going.  hmmm... well...  i haven't made the 6am rise and shine yet, but i am still proud of myself, because i have gotten up by 6:30 each morning (except saturday/sunday... hey, it's the weekend!).  and i have worked on my 'the one year bible' which will actually take me more like 1.5 years.  i am on a role now though and hope to be finished by early summer.  i have also had time to get our house a little more organized and clean.  not crazy clean, mind you... that is just not in my blood.  but the kitchen table has been clean for over a week now!  seriously, no books piled up, no boxes waiting for someone to take them, no junk mail.  i'm a little proud really.  ah, the simple things are sometimes the best, aren't they?

in the meantime, i also decided to make a couple tea towels.  now, they are not fancy shmansy, but it was my attempt to just do something creative when i was in my 'slump.'  i think they are cute either way and now, i have two new towels hanging around.

i like the buttons.  i also left the edges rough on the grey fabric, just to add some character.

some embroidery might look nice on this one... maybe i will add some another day.

now, i think i will go wash my hands (so i can dry them on the towels)!  have a good one!


up to something... finally

well, do you ever want to do something, but just can't seem to get anything done?  that is how it has been for me the last week or so...  i really wanted to be creative, to make something new and cute.  but, it just wasn't happening.  i couldn't seem to move...  i would just stare at the fabric, stare at the pattern i just bought, surf the many blogs i love and hope that i get some idea.  it wasn't helping.  just sitting and staring.  just wondering and not able to make a choice.  awwwww.... so frustrating.

however, yesterday i happened upon a wonderful, fun quilt... the stack & whack wonky block quilt  now, that is just fun to say, so how could it not be fun to make?  there is a great tutorial to show you how to design your blocks, too!  i jumped in last night and made a decision.  hurray.  i had some fabric i had ordered and wasn't sure what i was going to make it with... but now i know.  here are some photos of the beginning...

now, things are looking a little brighter with a project to work on and my mind not swimming around aimlessly.  :-) 


sprocket fun

i finally found the time yesterday to finish my sprocket pillow which was inspired by allison at cluckclucksew.  i just love it and know that i must make more... 

spring tends to bring on the feeling of... "there is so much to get done!"  there is spring cleaning inside the house.  yardwork outside.  planning spring and summer trips to visit family & vacation.  taxes (uck!).  motiving our kids to stay focused for just 8 more weeks or so...  and when, oh when, do we fit in all the things we want to make?  i was reading on mary's blog mollyflanders one day that she gets up at 5am (or some crazy hour like that!) and i figure that is the only way to get it all in!  but, i am soooooooo not a morning person.  once i am up, all is good... but it is that getting out of bed that is my problem. 

maybe with all that spring planning and renewal, there needs to be a renewal in my life.  i mean starting something fresh and good.  like, maybe, getting up earlier?  ok, so it might not be a good idea to just dive into a 5am wake up time (we all know i would just turn off the alarm and roll over), but start with a time when i can get up and start my day with devotions and something fun before all the 'work' begins. 

so for the rest of this week i am going to get up by 6am and not look back at that darn, warm, comfy, snuggly bed!  who likes that kind of thing anyway. 

wish me luck...


so many giveaways!

it is amazing how many wonderful giveaways there are out there!  and so much beautiful fabric!  i was just 'surfing' around and found a couple giveaways that maybe you would like to check out:

kool beenz is giving away a jelly roll of moda's hullabaloo fabric (so cute!)

pink chalk has a giveaway every week if you are signed up for the newsletter (which is fun to get in your email box each wednesday)  i even won a couple weeks ago!  woop-woop!

there are more... there always are :-)  which is fun to find... it is like a treasure hunt sometimes. ha.  when i find more, i will let you know.  but for now, I am working on a sprocket pillow which is about half done.  i found the pattern on cluckclucksew.  i love her blog!  and her designs.  check them out if you haven't already.  i will have pictures tomorrow.  yay!

back to my rainy ohio day.  (what a great day to sew though!)


back home

i have spent the past week at myrtle beach.  sounds great... right?  except for the cold rainy weather.  we leave ohio and go to south carolina, and guess what?  42 degrees and raining 3 out of the 5 days.  well, we had 2 decent days though when it was 60 or so.  we also celebrated with my parents: it was their 59th anniversary!  how great is that?  59 years! i hope my husband and i make it to our 59th year.  that would be fantastic. yep, i love him that much. 

also completed the quilt for our new friend, brently nicole, who was born last thursday (3/25).  i have a picture of it... on my phone. bummer.  i embroidered her name on it for her with her birthday.  here's the quilt completed (before her name). her name looks so cute on it though.  if i figure out how to download it, you just may see it in the future.

in the meantime, here are some pics from our trip to the beach... 

we had a good week, but i am excited to be home and start making something new!  it has been a week and a half with nothing new started.  now to 'surf' my favorite blogs and see what everyone else has been up to this past week.  tea towels, pillows, quilts... i am excited to see it all!