so many giveaways!

it is amazing how many wonderful giveaways there are out there!  and so much beautiful fabric!  i was just 'surfing' around and found a couple giveaways that maybe you would like to check out:

kool beenz is giving away a jelly roll of moda's hullabaloo fabric (so cute!)

pink chalk has a giveaway every week if you are signed up for the newsletter (which is fun to get in your email box each wednesday)  i even won a couple weeks ago!  woop-woop!

there are more... there always are :-)  which is fun to find... it is like a treasure hunt sometimes. ha.  when i find more, i will let you know.  but for now, I am working on a sprocket pillow which is about half done.  i found the pattern on cluckclucksew.  i love her blog!  and her designs.  check them out if you haven't already.  i will have pictures tomorrow.  yay!

back to my rainy ohio day.  (what a great day to sew though!)

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  1. Yes it is a great day to sew!!! I can't wait to see what you are making....hee hee...