the elevated envelope project

when reading one of my favorite blogs, i learned about a website called "the elevated envelope."  it is a fabulous idea where you design and make 4-10 envelopes reflecting the given theme for the project you are to be part of...  check it out here... tara explains it much, much better than i do. 

i love the idea of opening my mailbox and discovering a wonderful piece of art in the form of an envelope with maybe a little surprise inside, too!  we all love email, texts, twitter, etc... but if we are honest with ourselves, we still love a letter in the mailbox even more.  it's tangible, saveable, beautiful.  it was made by someone who was thinking of me.  oh, i am soooo excited!

my group is made up of 8 (i think) folks from the u.s., canada, and england!  hmmmm... maybe even one other country.  i need to take a look at my list again.  my 'job' is to create a unique envelope with the theme "sweet."  i can make them all the same or all different.  then before the deadline (the end of july) i will mail out all my envelopes to the my new friends!  and i will also receive envelopes from each of them as well.  i can NOT wait! 

today i began working on an idea i have for my envelopes.  for some reason i have been thinking about what materials i 'need' to use.  newspaper, kraft cardstock, paint and handstitching are all calling my name for this wonderous, creative work. 

raspberry plants... the large open spot was just a mistake. 
but, hey, i am just learning :-)
i tried my hand at some papercutting today.  trying to make some raspberry plants.  this is just the beginning, but it was fun to work on it.  as it progresses, i will give you an update.   need to figure out how i will add the raspberries... and what i will put behind the areas i cut out... lots to think about.  i am loving the new creative ideas i am developing in my head. 

if all goes well... i am signing up again for the fall exchange.  woop-woop!  why don't you sign up too?  maybe we will be "artistic pen pals." *smile*

happy friday!

~ julie


class, art, and brooke's awesome show!

so, i have been taking a lovely e-course called creative courage by stephanie levy.  it ended just last week and was wonderful!  it was a course full of creative women searching for more... looking to improve themselves, their creative endeavors, and wanting to get to know other creative women around the world. 

a class i highly recommend! LOVED it so much!!
it was full of great exercises to help us grow and learn more about ourselves, ideas about improving our creative businesses or skills, and lots of interviews with amazing creative business women.  i soooo looked forward to each of those interviews. i could read about these amazing folks ALL day. seriously not kidding.

as part of the class, we connect with many others from around the world.  lots of the 'students' in the class have shared what they are working on, what their new adventures & challenges are, and encourage each other along the way.

"from a different flock" show opening @ the ohio art league gallery

one of the amazingly talented women in our class was having an art show, from a different flock.  her first!  she was excited (and a little nervous) about this new experience for her... and her name is brooke wenstrup albrecht!  and it turns out that she lives right here in columbus, too!  craziness!  her art show opened may 31st in the Ohio Art League Gallery at the South Campus Gateway (ohio state university area of town).   i was so excited to be able to go and support a fellow artist and classmate!  oh, and actually meet her!! 

brooke wenstrup albrecht & me... her fabulous artwork in the background!
Brooke's art is whimsical, colorful, and beautiful.  i was so impressed with her work and with her.  it made me realize, after talking with her, how important it is to go out and support artists putting their art out there hoping that the public will embrace it.  i have not done that... but it would (maybe will someday) be scary, exciting, and exhilirating all at the same time. 

my hope is that any folks reading this blog will go visit brooke's show (through july 1) here. (fyi, there are 3 artists as part of this show, brian williams, brooke, and eric albrecht... her husband is one of them... and he has fabulous whimsical wooden creations!) the show is curated by paul williams.  all so talented!

"storm acoming" by eric albrecht.  i really love this art form!
if you are out of town, find an art show opening and go check it out.  it is a vibrant, exciting evening with people milling about appreciating a new artist.  how could that not be fun? it doesn't matter if you know them or not.  they will be so appreciative that you have come out to support them.  oh, and don't be afraid to introduce yourself to the artist and give them a few words of encouragement.  

i want to challenge you to get out there.  see what wonders people are creating.  maybe you love their work, or maybe you will decided it is not your favorite... but either way, you are broadening your understanding of art and the creative process.  and i believe this is opportunity to expand your horizons... not matter what your interests are!  

take a look in the arts section of your newspaper and see what art shows are opening.  if you live in the columbus, ohio area you really must experience the gallery hop on the first saturday of each month in the short north!  lots of people, lots of art, life, excitement, colors, beauty.  if you go, please let me know!  i plan to go in july!!  and i can't wait. lots of info here.

i am sorry i don't have more pics of brooke's artwork... but, if you want to see some of brooke's work right now... then check out her shop on etsy which is full of wonderful pieces of her art to purchase.

let's all go on an art adventure this weekend!

happy friday!

~ julie


hobo bag, take 2...

back in april, i made a hobo bag which i thought was very cute (here).  and... i said that i was going to make a revised version of this bag and get it on this here blog... but due to overcommitment, etc, it has taken me a little longer than expected.  but finally... without further delay... here it is!!

please ignore anything but the cute bag in this picture.
ignore wires, wrinkly hands, etc. 
thank you and please return to your reading & viewing.
these are two of my favorite colors, and i think the mix of two designs on the outside of the bag really turned out great.  i, also, added the pockets on the inside as well.  

when my friend came to pick up her polka dot bag... she took this one for co-worker to purchase!  not a bad turn around time.

on a different note, summer is upon us now!  yay!  the weather today is AMAZING.  seriously.  amazing.  and... my oldest son is coming home to visit today!  it is a good day!  but, i best go put some clean sheets on his bed and straighten up a bit so i don't have to think about it after he gets here.  i can't wait to have him home... even if it is only for only a short time. he hasn't been home since christmas.  it's about time, isn't it?

happy wednesday!

~  julie


graduation, trips, stuff happens

sorry about my absence from the blogosphere...  it has been a busy 3+ weeks around my world with my father having 2 surgeries (all went great!), visiting my oldest son for graduation festivities at West Point, and my youngest son graduating from high school this past saturday. shoooo....

our family at our son's graduation...
minus our oldest son who was at a training exercise. bummer.

i made it! yay!  and of course, there needs to be something creative going on in the midst of all of it as well... so, i have been working on hand-quilting a couple quilts (one of which i started a year ago and for some reason put aside), taking a creative class, and making several handbags!

busy, busy!  and now, while i wasn't looking... summer arrived.  well, it arrived and then the fall temps invaded. *smile*  this morning it is cool and beautiful outside.  perfect for sippin tea out on the back deck and just breathing deep.  it feels so good to just sit and breath deeply sometimes.  it really helps refresh the soul.  i highly recommend it.

we also attended a wedding at West Point while we were there...
my son (in the white) was the best man!

also, my husband and i have been thinking about lots of new adventures now that we are (sort of) empty nesters.  my mind is swimming with ideas!  well, maybe my mind is just wading with ideas... swimming might be going on next week!

but for now, summer is here and there must be summer adventures, little or big.  do you have any?  what fun is planned for your next few months?  i will be sharing more about our summer as we go.

happy tuesday!

~ julie