things have been busy around our house the last couple weeks.  we just traveled to maryland to visit with my husband's sisters and their families.  we celebrated with our niece who will be leaving in a little over a week to serve in the peace corps in moldova.  i know, i had to look up where moldova is too!  so for those who don't know... here's a link.  it is important to learn something everyday right?  now you have! our daughter and her husband have begun their process of also serving in the peace corps as well... such great kids!  here are cristen (my niece) and anna (my daughter)...

also, i have been working a new quilt from camille roskelley called 'dream big.'  i love the pattern which i got out of her book simplify.  so i have all the pieces cut and arranged...  that is A LOT of little squares! ha.  I am excited to start sewing it together. 

and finally, we receive our first csa (community supported agriculture) delivery today!  if you have never heard of a csa... now is the time to find out about them.  they are farms which you invest in each year, and for your investment you receive weekly veggies, fruit, and or meat (depending on the csa).  there are so many out there now.  here is a link where you can find out more: local harvest.  we are using new century farm which actually delivers our produce right to our front door every friday!  mmmmmmm... we are definitely have a strawberry & spinach salad tonight for dinner! 

csa delivery week 1

fresh strawberries!! 
lovely spinach!!
green onions & escarole!!
crisp green romaine lettuce!!
well, time to put everything in the fridge and plan our menu for the upcoming week.  and sew, sew, sew! 


little projects & a surprise

it has been a busy week or so.  i found several small projects that looked like fun, so i started those... all on the same day! why not, right.  so here is what my craft table looked like when that all happened:

 these little emptied fruit cans (opened from the bottom)
 turned into these cute gifts jars for someone to 'pop' open 
and find a surprise of m&m's inside.
(directions here)

 these little pieces of felt turned into...
this adorable little chick which can be posed. 
(directions here)

picked some fabrics for my next project

picked some various themed 12x12 papers for...
 these wonderful dry erase boards from a plain 12x12 photo frame
which made great mother's day gifts for my mom & mother-in-law.

and finally, something new i am working on...
 here's a sneak peak...

blogger.com has been offline the last day or more... don't know what was up with that, but sure am glad it seems to have fixed the problem and i could finally update my blog.  yay!  have a great weekend!


wonky quilt and buns

my mother came to visit over the easter weekend and celebrated her 80th birthday with us!  how exciting, right?  for her birthday i decided to give her the quilt i had just started.  i only had individual blocks done at that point... so, i gave her two blocks in a box... then got busy sewing the quilt top together.  i was able to complete it before she left town.

i am hand quilting it now.  more pictures later. 

in the meantime, i decided i just had to make some cinnamon rolls.  the recipe i decided on is from the pioneer woman's blog and you can find it here.  they turned out great... and did i mention that it makes about 50 cinnamon buns?  yep.  which was fabulous because i was able to take a pan of buns to 6 friends and still have plenty for our family! 

mmmmm... they were so delicious.  i want to make another batch to give to more friends.  they were super easy.   they help to brighten up the gloomy, rainy days we have had lately.  where are you sun?