little projects & a surprise

it has been a busy week or so.  i found several small projects that looked like fun, so i started those... all on the same day! why not, right.  so here is what my craft table looked like when that all happened:

 these little emptied fruit cans (opened from the bottom)
 turned into these cute gifts jars for someone to 'pop' open 
and find a surprise of m&m's inside.
(directions here)

 these little pieces of felt turned into...
this adorable little chick which can be posed. 
(directions here)

picked some fabrics for my next project

picked some various themed 12x12 papers for...
 these wonderful dry erase boards from a plain 12x12 photo frame
which made great mother's day gifts for my mom & mother-in-law.

and finally, something new i am working on...
 here's a sneak peak...

blogger.com has been offline the last day or more... don't know what was up with that, but sure am glad it seems to have fixed the problem and i could finally update my blog.  yay!  have a great weekend!

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  1. Awwww....how sweet! This will be such a fantastic surprise! tee hee