everything but sewing...

this has been one of those weeks.  it has been busy with some fun things... but not sewing.  my son-in-law came over and wanted to make a shuffleboard table.  it is like shuffleboard, but on a table... go figure.  soooo, since last saturday, that is what has been going on here.  in the basement, in my craftroom,  outside.  last night it was nearly complete and he and my daughter took all the piece home with them to finish up in their apartment.  it is really nice looking.  i will add a picture when they have it complete and my daughter sends me one.  it looks like it will be a lot of fun!  just wait 'til i beat them all... there will be crying.  ha.

so, i don't have much to show for this week.  but, i did make some rasberry scones the other day and they turned out nicely. 

they were not hard to make and they were delicious... here is the recipe if you are interested:  raspberry scones

now... off to a few days at the beach with my son, his friend, and my parents.  i am hoping for sun and warm weather! 

have a great weekend!


great day all around

what a great day today!  so many things completed, experienced, and enjoyed.  here's a quick review...

first, the sun was out and the day was warm!  spring is heading our way.  that is something to be excited about all by itself... but there was more...

my sweet husband was home today and we got to hang out, eat breakfast and then take the dog for a decent walk.  Cooper (the dog) was very happy about this situation.

next, i got to go to one of my favorite places, sew to speak, for their third birthday party.  i just love their fabric store.  it is so cheery and fun to be in.  i bought some cute coffee bean fabric by suzanne ultman and some ric-rac & lace to make some tea towels sometime soon. 

i finally completed a new project this week: bunting.  so sweet!  it is for my daughter's god-daughter (did you follow that?) and matches the quilt she (my daughter) is making for her (god-daughter) as well.  

i love these hanging in my window, so i plan to make a new string of them in other fabric next week. 

and lastly... i completed the quilt i have been working on since mid-january!  i think it is lovely... but, i am partial. what do you think? 

now... what is next on my list? 



i have found that this week has been challenging for me in regards to inspiration...  i have seen so many things online via blogs which i love, but... but... when i sit in my craftroom... that is all i find myself doing... sitting.  staring.  gazing.  daydreaming.  not creating.  today was no different.  the house is quiet with one son snowboarding for the last weekend of the snowboarding season in ohio, one son out with a friend, husband at work.  great, right?  i can just do/make whatever i want.  ugh!  if only...

what else could i do, but pull out my laptop and start surfing blogs again.  then i came upon cicada daydream!  it was just what i needed!!  2 lovely projects to work on and complete during the daytime while i finish up the quilt for my friends in the evenings.  I am hoping tomorrow I will have something to share.  yea!  thank goodness.

in the meantime... here is a picture from my daughter's wedding/reception this past summer.  so beautiful.  it was a great evening.  it was warm (ok, hot... and humid) and as i sit here with cold hands wrapped around a steaming cup of tea... it is so inviting. 


cute gift giving

i found the cutest little gift pouch at a spoonful of sugar the other day.  she has the directions (which are soooo easy) on her post, so i decided i just had to make one!  so, here's how it went...

now... that was easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!  i want to make about 10 more and have them saved away for a quick lovely gift surprise!