everything but sewing...

this has been one of those weeks.  it has been busy with some fun things... but not sewing.  my son-in-law came over and wanted to make a shuffleboard table.  it is like shuffleboard, but on a table... go figure.  soooo, since last saturday, that is what has been going on here.  in the basement, in my craftroom,  outside.  last night it was nearly complete and he and my daughter took all the piece home with them to finish up in their apartment.  it is really nice looking.  i will add a picture when they have it complete and my daughter sends me one.  it looks like it will be a lot of fun!  just wait 'til i beat them all... there will be crying.  ha.

so, i don't have much to show for this week.  but, i did make some rasberry scones the other day and they turned out nicely. 

they were not hard to make and they were delicious... here is the recipe if you are interested:  raspberry scones

now... off to a few days at the beach with my son, his friend, and my parents.  i am hoping for sun and warm weather! 

have a great weekend!


  1. Oh man Julie...you are killing me!!! The beach???? and scones???? My mom and I were just talking about making scones. Thanks for the recipe :) Have a great time!!!

  2. Your scones look delicious,I may have to try them. Thanks for sharing the recipe!