i have found that this week has been challenging for me in regards to inspiration...  i have seen so many things online via blogs which i love, but... but... when i sit in my craftroom... that is all i find myself doing... sitting.  staring.  gazing.  daydreaming.  not creating.  today was no different.  the house is quiet with one son snowboarding for the last weekend of the snowboarding season in ohio, one son out with a friend, husband at work.  great, right?  i can just do/make whatever i want.  ugh!  if only...

what else could i do, but pull out my laptop and start surfing blogs again.  then i came upon cicada daydream!  it was just what i needed!!  2 lovely projects to work on and complete during the daytime while i finish up the quilt for my friends in the evenings.  I am hoping tomorrow I will have something to share.  yea!  thank goodness.

in the meantime... here is a picture from my daughter's wedding/reception this past summer.  so beautiful.  it was a great evening.  it was warm (ok, hot... and humid) and as i sit here with cold hands wrapped around a steaming cup of tea... it is so inviting. 

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  1. The picture is magical, I'm sure it has wonderful memories for you and your family.
    Wendy (another Buckeye)