so, approximately 9 days ago i was starting to feel a sickness coming on... ugh, was i right! I cannot remember having a sore throat that even compared to this one! i hardly slept for the first 5 days. no kidding. then the coughing started,too! after two doctor visits, two different cough meds, an antibiotic, and the most caring husband ever, i am feeling better. didn't cough too much today until, well, bedtime. why is that anyway? soooo, I have not gotten much done for the last week. (ok, really nothing. nothing at all.) then throw in thanksgiving with all the kids home, and there really wasn't much hope for production. it was great having them all here! if only I could have given them more hugs! sure didn't want to pass my 'crap' onto them. ewwww, gross, noooooo! hope to have something to share tomorrow... famous last words, huh?


time... slow down!

so, it is obvious that i have not been updating my blog like i usually do... which isn't as consistent as it should be in the first place.  this time of year is just so busy (really, when isn't it these days?).  i have been working on some new floorcloths to start selling, but want to have about 5+ made before i put them online.  my plan is to open an etsy 'shop' in the next week or so!  in addition to the floorcloths, i am also going to have miscellaneous handmade items that people have shown interest in around here.  it is exciting and fun, but in the midst of getting ready we have traveled to new york to visit our son/celebrate my husband's 25th reunion at west point (all during the ridiculous snow storm that hit 3 weeks ago), prepared & held our annual young life info & fundraising banquet which i was in charge of this year, helped my son apply to college & plan a visit, and then tried to just complete day to day requirements of life.  it's all good, but has unfortunately kept me away from my blog.  which is always fun to write on and look back at... sooo, i am hoping to be back on track now.  oh, except for the thanksgiving & christmas festivities which will no doubt overwhelm me at some point as well... probably tomorrow! 'cause we all know, that is how it works... just when you think you are back on track and things are 'normal', you find out your forgot something/have to get something done asap/someone gets sick/something breaks... you get the idea!  anyway, i am going to try to put some pictures on tonight and over the next couple days of what fun has been going on.  but for now, it is off to the craftroom for some creative work.  yay!