so, approximately 9 days ago i was starting to feel a sickness coming on... ugh, was i right! I cannot remember having a sore throat that even compared to this one! i hardly slept for the first 5 days. no kidding. then the coughing started,too! after two doctor visits, two different cough meds, an antibiotic, and the most caring husband ever, i am feeling better. didn't cough too much today until, well, bedtime. why is that anyway? soooo, I have not gotten much done for the last week. (ok, really nothing. nothing at all.) then throw in thanksgiving with all the kids home, and there really wasn't much hope for production. it was great having them all here! if only I could have given them more hugs! sure didn't want to pass my 'crap' onto them. ewwww, gross, noooooo! hope to have something to share tomorrow... famous last words, huh?

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