wonky quilt and buns

my mother came to visit over the easter weekend and celebrated her 80th birthday with us!  how exciting, right?  for her birthday i decided to give her the quilt i had just started.  i only had individual blocks done at that point... so, i gave her two blocks in a box... then got busy sewing the quilt top together.  i was able to complete it before she left town.

i am hand quilting it now.  more pictures later. 

in the meantime, i decided i just had to make some cinnamon rolls.  the recipe i decided on is from the pioneer woman's blog and you can find it here.  they turned out great... and did i mention that it makes about 50 cinnamon buns?  yep.  which was fabulous because i was able to take a pan of buns to 6 friends and still have plenty for our family! 

mmmmm... they were so delicious.  i want to make another batch to give to more friends.  they were super easy.   they help to brighten up the gloomy, rainy days we have had lately.  where are you sun?


  1. Oh my goodness, you're making me salivate! LOL! Love the quilt, and I think the hand quilting will give it that little something extra. Can't wait to see it!

    Happy Quilting!


  2. I love the quilt! Julie it is so sweet and what a wonderful gift for your mom. I am sitting here and my stomach is growling {lunch time} and then I scrolled down to see your buns {cinnamon of course}hee hee - so cruel - they look yummy!

  3. I actually think they were better than they look...and they look darn good. On the flip side, my wife made 50 cinnamon buns and I got one and a half. Good for the waste line but not for the taste buds.