just dreamin'

i was surfing around again.  i know, i know, i need to get a life.  but there is just sooooo much to see and learn about what other folks are doing.  one link leads to another link which leads to another.  come on, you know what i mean.  you've been there.  you've done it.  'this is the last one, then i am getting off the computer...'    'seriously, this is it.  i have other stuff to do.'  and so on and so on and so on.  but, that is all beside the point.  or at least a different point.  i found betz white's blog.  she was picking a word for her year. sort of like a theme.  something to strive for in her life throughout the year.  i had seen this on another blog last week, but was in a hurry so didn't think much about it.  i read through the comments and there were so many good words.  it was interesting to see what people had chosen as 'their' word.  so, even though it is almost may... why not still have a word for my 2011 year? i mean, 3/4 of the year is still left after all.

i have decided on dream... because over the last couple weeks i have been dreaming about what i want to be when i grow up.  (yeah, yeah, i know i am 47, but what does that really mean?)  i asked my lovely husband yesterday, 'have you every wanted to be great at something?'  that has been my thought lately.  what might that one thing be that i am really great at?  what is it that others might look towards me to for 'expert' advice?  there are so many things in this amazing world to learn and do... places to visit... people to meet... is there something that i would just dive into and never look back? 

well, for now, i am going to be dreaming.  dreaming about what i love. dreaming about new crafts/art to try.  dreaming about what new places i might get to see.  dreaming about what wonders lay ahead. 



  1. Have you ever dreamed about rug hooking? I have often thought that would be fun to do! I think you are pretty much an expert at your painted floor mats....they are spectacular! But then I think you would be pretty darn good at just about anything you try :)

  2. mary... you are too sweet :-) i do love hooked rugs. hmmmm... but i don't own one. maybe that is the way to get one. ha. my daughter made a rug using old sheets and 'crocheted' them in a circle. not sure how she did it exactly, but it is cute.

  3. OK, you two...stay focused!