a new morning routine?

if you read an earlier blog, i said i was going to try to get up at 6am each morning... so, you might be wondering how that is going.  hmmm... well...  i haven't made the 6am rise and shine yet, but i am still proud of myself, because i have gotten up by 6:30 each morning (except saturday/sunday... hey, it's the weekend!).  and i have worked on my 'the one year bible' which will actually take me more like 1.5 years.  i am on a role now though and hope to be finished by early summer.  i have also had time to get our house a little more organized and clean.  not crazy clean, mind you... that is just not in my blood.  but the kitchen table has been clean for over a week now!  seriously, no books piled up, no boxes waiting for someone to take them, no junk mail.  i'm a little proud really.  ah, the simple things are sometimes the best, aren't they?

in the meantime, i also decided to make a couple tea towels.  now, they are not fancy shmansy, but it was my attempt to just do something creative when i was in my 'slump.'  i think they are cute either way and now, i have two new towels hanging around.

i like the buttons.  i also left the edges rough on the grey fabric, just to add some character.

some embroidery might look nice on this one... maybe i will add some another day.

now, i think i will go wash my hands (so i can dry them on the towels)!  have a good one!

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