up to something... finally

well, do you ever want to do something, but just can't seem to get anything done?  that is how it has been for me the last week or so...  i really wanted to be creative, to make something new and cute.  but, it just wasn't happening.  i couldn't seem to move...  i would just stare at the fabric, stare at the pattern i just bought, surf the many blogs i love and hope that i get some idea.  it wasn't helping.  just sitting and staring.  just wondering and not able to make a choice.  awwwww.... so frustrating.

however, yesterday i happened upon a wonderful, fun quilt... the stack & whack wonky block quilt  now, that is just fun to say, so how could it not be fun to make?  there is a great tutorial to show you how to design your blocks, too!  i jumped in last night and made a decision.  hurray.  i had some fabric i had ordered and wasn't sure what i was going to make it with... but now i know.  here are some photos of the beginning...

now, things are looking a little brighter with a project to work on and my mind not swimming around aimlessly.  :-) 


  1. Okay...I want you to hold your tongue and say 'stack and whack wonky quilt block' 5 times as fast as you can!!! LOL!!! I love the wonky whacked blocks....looks like fun!!!

  2. *AUDIBLE GASP*!!!

    I love this :). Absolutely everything about this, I love. Have fun with it, and I can't wait to see it finished!

    Happy Quilting!


  3. What a great idea! I've seen stack & whack quilts before but they have always looked kind of random. This one reminds me of a wonky square in a square. Nice!