sprocket fun

i finally found the time yesterday to finish my sprocket pillow which was inspired by allison at cluckclucksew.  i just love it and know that i must make more... 

spring tends to bring on the feeling of... "there is so much to get done!"  there is spring cleaning inside the house.  yardwork outside.  planning spring and summer trips to visit family & vacation.  taxes (uck!).  motiving our kids to stay focused for just 8 more weeks or so...  and when, oh when, do we fit in all the things we want to make?  i was reading on mary's blog mollyflanders one day that she gets up at 5am (or some crazy hour like that!) and i figure that is the only way to get it all in!  but, i am soooooooo not a morning person.  once i am up, all is good... but it is that getting out of bed that is my problem. 

maybe with all that spring planning and renewal, there needs to be a renewal in my life.  i mean starting something fresh and good.  like, maybe, getting up earlier?  ok, so it might not be a good idea to just dive into a 5am wake up time (we all know i would just turn off the alarm and roll over), but start with a time when i can get up and start my day with devotions and something fun before all the 'work' begins. 

so for the rest of this week i am going to get up by 6am and not look back at that darn, warm, comfy, snuggly bed!  who likes that kind of thing anyway. 

wish me luck...


  1. Interesting...it's funny, I don't remember you getting up too many times over the past several days. I guess I was just sleeping so soundly that I didn't notice.

  2. don't be ugly... today was the first day and i was up by 6:30. at least it's a start. tomorrow... 6am, sharp.