hobo bag, take 2...

back in april, i made a hobo bag which i thought was very cute (here).  and... i said that i was going to make a revised version of this bag and get it on this here blog... but due to overcommitment, etc, it has taken me a little longer than expected.  but finally... without further delay... here it is!!

please ignore anything but the cute bag in this picture.
ignore wires, wrinkly hands, etc. 
thank you and please return to your reading & viewing.
these are two of my favorite colors, and i think the mix of two designs on the outside of the bag really turned out great.  i, also, added the pockets on the inside as well.  

when my friend came to pick up her polka dot bag... she took this one for co-worker to purchase!  not a bad turn around time.

on a different note, summer is upon us now!  yay!  the weather today is AMAZING.  seriously.  amazing.  and... my oldest son is coming home to visit today!  it is a good day!  but, i best go put some clean sheets on his bed and straighten up a bit so i don't have to think about it after he gets here.  i can't wait to have him home... even if it is only for only a short time. he hasn't been home since christmas.  it's about time, isn't it?

happy wednesday!

~  julie


  1. The hands of an Artist, Julie! Great bag! Have fun with your son :)

  2. This turned out so cute! I want to make one.

    Amanda Rose