hobo bag, take 1

i discovered bags, the modern classics: clutches, hobos, satchels & more by sue kim. i love this book of handbag patterns. so far i have copied all the patterns onto tracing paper so they are all ready when i get my fabrics picked out... and i have made the hobo bag for a friend.

hobo bag made with fabric from sweetwater

i added some pockets on the inside.

i think it turned out rather cute myself. lots of polka dots never hurt anything. *smile*

i thought it needed something on the side and wasn't sure what to do, but ended up making a fabric flower and centering it with a wonderful red button i found at the store last week.

lovely fabric flower.

i have decided that i would like to try two fabrics on the outside paneling of the bags, so i will be designing a modified version of this bag this coming week. i promise to post some photos once i am done.

on a different note all together... my daughter and her husband bought their first house last week and we spent all day saturday helping them prep the wood floors by sanding, cleaning, sanding the moulding, and painting one of the rooms... we stopped there only because the day was drawing to a close... there are other rooms to be painted, but that will be this week. do you remember getting your first home? are you still living there? are you dreaming of that? it is exciting... even when it's your daughter's. it is the cutest house. i think it is cottage-like. i think that is what i will call it... their cottage.

 happy friday!

~ julie

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  1. I'm a fellow camper in the handstitching class and saw your blog listed. I LOVE how this bag came out! I'm a polka dot and hobo fan, so I was already predestined to love this..but the button is too cute. Did you use interfacing to make this stand up? Super cute!