in the kitchen: oatmeal cream cookies

when i saw this recipe on pinterest i knew i would make them... and finally this past week i did.  they turned out perfectly.  tasty goodness.  like a warm memory from my childhood good.  these oatmeal cream pies were found on macaroni & cheesecake by stephanie. make sure you check out her blog because she has some awesome recipes on there!

oatmeal cream pies all ready for some eaten!

i was having a little get together and wanted something i could make to have with tea or coffee.  these worked out just right.  lots of compliments. it is always surprising to me how many people are surprised when folks make things from scratch.  don't they know everything is better when you make it from scratch. *sigh*

the recipe made about 26 oatmeal cream pies.

i followed stephanie's recipe for the cookies except that i made them a little smaller... probably more of a rounded teaspoon of dough for each cookie.  i thought they were actually a great size.

one other change i made... i actually did not make the marshmallow cream filling which she has in her recipe.  there are two reasons for this... one, i really didn't have time to make it. and two, i love plain vanilla icing in them.  it's a sugary wonderful thing.

vanilla icing:
5 cups sifted powdered sugar
5 TBSP milk
2 TBSP softened butter
1 tsp vanilla
-- blend ingredients together with an electric mixer until slightly fluffy.

i actually think i will make these again next week.  they were eaten so quickly that i am still having a craving for them.

happy monday!

~ julie


  1. I think i might try these, soon! Thank you for sharing!

    Amanda Rose

    1. you very welcome! hope you enjoy them.

  2. Yours look delicious! And your pictures are gorgeous!! Great idea to just use regular vanilla icing I bet that was wonderful! And thank you for your sweet comments about my blog!:)

    1. thanks! they are on the friday 'to do list' again!

  3. Well....now I am craving them!!!!!!!

    1. hope you make them... because you will not be disappointed.