inspiration location: my own backyard

isn't it funny sometimes how we overlook the things that are right there in front of us? just the other day i decided to just go in my own backyard and see what was happening. it seems that we get busy and never even have a minute to just relax and see what is back there.

our new blueberry bushes survived the winter and look so great!
we planted blueberry bushes last fall.  we loooove blueberries.  every year we go to a farm and pick them fresh.  last year i think we picked probably 35 - 40 lbs!  we a lot of them while they are fresh from the farm... and then we freeze all the others.  so, last year we thought it was time that we bought a few of our own.  so far, so good!

our raspberries have buds, too!

our raspberries a filling in well, too.  last year we had a stinkin' insect that was messing with our plants.  we tried to get all the eggs as soon as we saw the plants (they lay them inside the stalk just below the top of the plant) start to die at the top.  dumb 'ole bugs.  i am sure we will have to clip those tops again this year... but we still seem to get plenty of raspberries.

wisteria finally blooming!
when our daughter got married 2 years ago this july, we decided to build a trellis and plant wisteria to grow up on it.  it didn't bloom last year.  but... this year it did!  you can see in the photo above that i do have blooms, but there are also some dead parts too... i am not sure what that is about, but i think they may have been affected by the really nice warm weather which caused an early blooming season, then the frost that came later.  i am still excited that i have some blooms though.  i think it is so pretty!

lily of the valley.  beautiful and lovely to smell!
and, lastly, are my sweet lovely lily of the valley.  these were plants we moved from my grandparents home before they moved out and we sold their property.  they have since passed away and these plants bring back so many wonderful memories of them and their place which i used to visit almost every weekend growing up.  i miss them.

a nice little visit to my backyard.  i should go back there more often!

but, for today it is rainy and blah outside... seems a good time to work on some art projects inside... and some hand-quilting that has been waiting patiently for me to spend time with it. 

happy thursday!

~ julie

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