in the kitchen: blackened chicken & quinoa

well... what the heck? i posted this on Monday and when i looked at it today... nothing. nada. zilch. guess folks are wondering what the secret is/was about the blackened chicken and cilantro-lime rice. i suppose that when i went in to fix a typo after it was posted, i must have touched a key or button that *poof* erased the whole post.  sorry for those who took a look at it and then saw emptiness.

source: sarcastic cooking:
blackened chicken & cilantro-lime rice

ok, blackened chicken & cilantro-lime rice. another wonderful discovery on pinterest! seriously one of the best meals i have made lately. i even ate all the leftovers by myself. and, was sorry when i had eaten it all. ~sigh.

cilantro, limes, quinoa, and seasoned chicken... oops forgot the chicken broth.

i found the recipe on sarcastic cooking by stefanie. a wonderful blog with lots of good recipes. so far this is my favorite... and that has nothing to do with it is the only one i have made so far.

it only took me 25 minutes start to finish. gotta love that. plus it was deeelicious. gotta love that. i followed the recipe exactly. even put the chicken in and left it for 7 minutes each side without peeking or checking. i just trusted. my husband was impressed. also, if you have never made quinoa (pronounced: keenwah), you really should give it a try. it is quick, easy, tasty, and healthy. bonus. i just about love anything with lime and/or cilantro, so this makes me a little partial to the recipe. if you don't like lime or cilantro, you could just make the quinoa with the chicken broth or add other herbs. also, i did make the avocado cream sauce. love it as well. perfect compliment to the spices on the chicken.

my final wonderful dish.
the lighting isn't the greatest... but the food was!

did i mentioned i really loved this dish?

give it a try. let me know what you think.

happy, well, wednesday now!

~ julie

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