retreat anyone?

i am taking a wonderful class called creative courage by stephanie levy. finding our creativity, understanding how to make our lives more creative, living the life we dream of... these are all topics covered and explored in this awesome class.

a wonderful e-course by stephanie levy!

in addition, every week we get to hear from several women who have found their true calling and are living a creative life. yesterday the interview was with tracey clark from shuttersisters. wow!  she was so real and down-to-earth. i was really inspired by the conversation. and, of course, i had to go check out her site and blog. i was not disappointed. nope. not one bit. what i have discovered is that a dream i have (which i was not aware of until i went to her site) was that i really would love to go to a retreat. and at this moment, i want to go to THIS retreat, oasis, in october in palm springs, california.

oh, yes, i do!

here is the promo for oasis...

i wanted to go just listening to the music.  i am downloading that song and playing it in my studio this week! 

anyone want to go with me?  if i don't make it to this one... well, you can bet that i am saving my 'moola' and going to the next one. 

 happy sunday!

 ~ julie


  1. You can go only if I get to go fishing in some trout stream around Palm Springs.

    1. i like this plan. i like it very, very much...