in the kitchen: quinoa porridge with blueberries & pecans

quinoa porridge? porridge, really?  i know, i wasn't sure about this when i read quinoa.  quinoa for breakfast? in a porridge?  ... but,  kevin's photo looks delicious. and i am a sucker for almost anything with blueberries in it. that's just a fact.  so he has lots of good recipes on his blog closet cooking!

i like how the blueberries turn the milk purple. yum.

well, my husband wasn't feeling well... allergies, cold, some mix of those?? i thought a warm healthy breakfast might be just the ticket. it couldn't hurt, right?

this dish was so yummy! the maple syrup really added a perfect flavor to it. i added a little sugar because i forgot i put the syrup in at the beginning of cooking... so mine was a little sweet... i like sweet though. it would have been just fine without it though.

pecans sprinkled on top. 

i really like steel cut oatmeal, too. it is chewier than regular oatmeal (which i think is kind of mushy). the quinoa had the same texture as the steel cut oatmeal. i bet you could make the same recipe with oatmeal if you wanted. i thought the nuts & blueberries added a nice flavor to it as well. because spring is here and we still are having chilly mornings here or there, i enjoy a warm breakfast to keep the chill away... this was the perfect dish. plus, i get tired of the same things over and over. this gives me a little inspiration about what i might make on those mornings before summer hits, and smoothies become the breakfast of choice. give it a try...

i know this would be even better with fresh from the farm blueberries! oh, i might have to make this in late june when we go out picking blueberries... even if it is hot outside! 

let me know what you think about this porridge recipe...

happy monday!

~ julie

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