small projects

seems i have a little bit of a hard time keeping up with my blog.  anyone else have that problem?  not that it is so much of a problem as it is something i always want to do... but other 'things' get in the way.  you know, life.  the last couple of days i have just had the yearning to actually start and complete a project though, so i picked two small projects that i know (or i thought i knew) i could get done...

first, i found these sweet little 2 1/2" squares of the central park collection i was lucky enough to win from kate spain's site almost a year ago... so, how about a creative little bunting to hang in my studio?

my cute little kate spain blocks
and, then, i had a stash of cotton ribbon... what is the correct description?  the word has escaped me...

perfect for bunting!
and in just a little while i had this cute bunting to hang in my room!

i love the little squares... don't pay any attention to any mess you might see though :-)

and then this morning i pulled out my scandinavian stitches by kajsa wikman.  i love all the wonderful projects in this book... but in order to make something in a short amount of time and make myself feel like a superstar, i picked 'garden shed.'  my only challenge was using my free motion foot on my sewing machine.  i might need to practice that just a tad more (actually a LOT more, but, hey, let me believe it was decent).

just a cute little house.  minus a chimney. 
the next one will definitely have one!

so i now i can claim to have completed two projects! woo-hoo! and, i have two new floorcloths in the works. hope to have them both finished and online by monday.

happy thursday!

~ julie

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