graduation, trips, stuff happens

sorry about my absence from the blogosphere...  it has been a busy 3+ weeks around my world with my father having 2 surgeries (all went great!), visiting my oldest son for graduation festivities at West Point, and my youngest son graduating from high school this past saturday. shoooo....

our family at our son's graduation...
minus our oldest son who was at a training exercise. bummer.

i made it! yay!  and of course, there needs to be something creative going on in the midst of all of it as well... so, i have been working on hand-quilting a couple quilts (one of which i started a year ago and for some reason put aside), taking a creative class, and making several handbags!

busy, busy!  and now, while i wasn't looking... summer arrived.  well, it arrived and then the fall temps invaded. *smile*  this morning it is cool and beautiful outside.  perfect for sippin tea out on the back deck and just breathing deep.  it feels so good to just sit and breath deeply sometimes.  it really helps refresh the soul.  i highly recommend it.

we also attended a wedding at West Point while we were there...
my son (in the white) was the best man!

also, my husband and i have been thinking about lots of new adventures now that we are (sort of) empty nesters.  my mind is swimming with ideas!  well, maybe my mind is just wading with ideas... swimming might be going on next week!

but for now, summer is here and there must be summer adventures, little or big.  do you have any?  what fun is planned for your next few months?  i will be sharing more about our summer as we go.

happy tuesday!

~ julie


  1. You sound so happy! Congrats on your son's graduation. Happy quilting!

  2. Yay! Now you can take a big deep breath and relax!!! Wow...empty nesters. I am beginning to think I will never know that feeling :) My kids just love being home with me so much....LOL!!! Can't wait to see your quilts! Enjoy our wonderful weather...I am sure it won't last forever :)