dirty laundry

while i was out of town last week... our dryer quit working.  we don't know why... my son & my husband think that maybe, possibly, it had something to do with it being overloaded with bedding stuff... maybe. (ok, i think most definitely!)

my local laundry center

so, when i got home there was lots of laundry, and no working dryer.  i decided to wash all the clothes and linens, piled it all into my little mini, and head to our nearby laundry mat for drying purposes.

so many choices!

i had not been to a laundry mat in such a long time.  and to tell you the truth, it made me start wondering why.  why don't we use it more often?  i had 5 loads of laundry and it was all dry and folded in about 75 minutes.  it was lovely. i got to hang out, read a book, watch the others doing their laundry - laughing, talking.

vintage soda & snack machines.

it made me start thinking about how things have changed.  everyone 'must' have all the modern conveniences in their homes.  it is looked down upon by many if you have to go to the laundry mat because you don't have your own appliances or if you walk somewhere instead of driving a car (even if you just WANT to walk).  we miss out on a lot of conversations, meeting new people, and the opportunity to be social with people in our communities.

love these carts!

my husband opened up our dryer, cleaned it out and reattached the connections.  it works again.  but, i did decide that if it did not work... i would probably not buy a new one right away.  i decided that i would rather go to the laundry mat and spend $5, get to read for an hour, maybe make some new friends, and have all the room i need to fold all those shirts, pants, and sheets.

happy friday!

~ julie


  1. You are the only person I've ever heard say that before! Its true though! We miss out on social chances all the time even if we are in a social situation but, have nothing interesting to say to the person next to us that we want to be friends with.

    Amanda Rose

  2. So true! And actually your little laundry mat looks like a very neat and tidy place. I can remember going to the laundry mat as a kid....I don't think I have been to one since.

  3. I agree! I remember how much I enjoyed laundry day in college. I loved having to sit still for a while and study to the sound of machines humming. I know I would enjoy it nowadays. Maybe I should unplug my machines every now and then. I have so much laundry now, I think I could give myself a whole day away!