the elevated envelope project

when reading one of my favorite blogs, i learned about a website called "the elevated envelope."  it is a fabulous idea where you design and make 4-10 envelopes reflecting the given theme for the project you are to be part of...  check it out here... tara explains it much, much better than i do. 

i love the idea of opening my mailbox and discovering a wonderful piece of art in the form of an envelope with maybe a little surprise inside, too!  we all love email, texts, twitter, etc... but if we are honest with ourselves, we still love a letter in the mailbox even more.  it's tangible, saveable, beautiful.  it was made by someone who was thinking of me.  oh, i am soooo excited!

my group is made up of 8 (i think) folks from the u.s., canada, and england!  hmmmm... maybe even one other country.  i need to take a look at my list again.  my 'job' is to create a unique envelope with the theme "sweet."  i can make them all the same or all different.  then before the deadline (the end of july) i will mail out all my envelopes to the my new friends!  and i will also receive envelopes from each of them as well.  i can NOT wait! 

today i began working on an idea i have for my envelopes.  for some reason i have been thinking about what materials i 'need' to use.  newspaper, kraft cardstock, paint and handstitching are all calling my name for this wonderous, creative work. 

raspberry plants... the large open spot was just a mistake. 
but, hey, i am just learning :-)
i tried my hand at some papercutting today.  trying to make some raspberry plants.  this is just the beginning, but it was fun to work on it.  as it progresses, i will give you an update.   need to figure out how i will add the raspberries... and what i will put behind the areas i cut out... lots to think about.  i am loving the new creative ideas i am developing in my head. 

if all goes well... i am signing up again for the fall exchange.  woop-woop!  why don't you sign up too?  maybe we will be "artistic pen pals." *smile*

happy friday!

~ julie

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  1. This looks like so much fun. I might need to do it simply to see what I get! I love getting artsy snail mail! Thanks for sharing. I am going to check it out right now!