new binding technique

so, i have always used the same handsewn binding technique since i made my first quilt 2 years ago.  i love it, and think it looks lovely on my finished quilts... but it does take a bit of time.   here is what i usually do...

french binding technique
it has a clean neat finished look which is very nice, don't you agree?  i learned this technique from mary over at molly flanders

new binding technique... first pin in place...
but, this time i wanted to try a technique i found in simplify by camille roskelley.  in her book, she gives directions which are very simple for raw edge binding (page 36).  i love the warn, frayed look of the edges of the binding... so, i gave it a try.  in the book it looks as if she actually sewed two lines of stitches.  i only sewed one line using the my machine's reinforced straight stitch.  so this is a double stitch, but the stitches are right beside each other. 

trimming the excess fabric
i did modify hers a little... i sewed about 1/2" from the edge & then trimmed the excess fabric.  i think next time i will make the binding a little wider, sew two lines of stitching, and not have to trim it.  but, all in all, i like the look of it! 

finished look after washing.  i like the crinkled look with the soft edges.
happy thursday!

~ julie

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  1. Thats different looking! It sure does look easier, though. I think molly taught me how to do binding too.