whiteside design... and salvage part II

my friend, susie, is quite talented!  i had a chance to visit her at her shop located in the black dog salvage shop last week when we were at home (roanoke, va).  her interior design business is...

this is susie's business!
she has such a beautiful selection of furniture coverings, carpet, rugs, and sooo many great misc. accesories! 

isn't this furniture amazing??  i love it!

more items...

and then... here are some more photos from the Black Dog Salvage Store, too...

i. want. this. swinging. daybed. 
(excuse my sweet husband from pretending to be sleeping on it!)

more stain glass loveliness
so many shutters...

funny face fountains
i hope you had a great weekend!  and did something fun... our work went well in southern ohio!  one house painted and looking good!

happy monday!

~ julie

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  1. what a cool shop! Just my kind of place! I love old, battered and rusty things. See you soon :)