show prepology

this weekend is my first arts & crafts show... that is... my first time as a vendor in a show.  i have, of course, journeyed to many a show and purchased lots of lovely items. but, this is different.  i have been working with my husband (he is just the best) and my daughter (crazy amazing) to design a holder for all my floorcloths so that they are easy for folks to see, yet, doesn't take up too much of the booth space.  i must be honest... it has been challenging.  in a good way.  at this point, i have turned the engineering of the floorcloth display unit over to my sweetie... and i have moved on to working on a few more floorcloths before sunday.

two floorcloths in the works!  i am loving the polka dotted one!!

in addition to working on the floorcloths, we have been excited that our herbs have been looking good this year. 

oregano, rosemary, and basil

sage, thyme, chives, and more sage 
and something new this year: we have some collard greens growing.  yep, collard greens! there were some left over plants at a garden near my husband's fire station and they said to take them.  so we have 2 collard green plants and a tomato plant growing outside our window, too.  i think we might be eating some collard greens this week... any suggestions about how to cook those? 

collard greens & a tomato plant
so, life is alive and well in our home right now (even if i seem to have been missing in action on the blog scene lately).  and we will continue to be busy forever through next week. 

if you are in the columbus, ohio area... stop by the Avante Garde Arts & Crafts show at the Greek Orthodox Church on North High Street (beside the north market & across from the convention center).  it is open from 1:30-6:30 and admission is $3/person.  more info here.  125+ are expected at this wonderful show!  you don't want to miss it! 

happy wednesday!

~ julie


  1. Good luck with your arts and crafts show! I am going to do a small one in November. I still have no idea what I am going to put in my booth! Ahhh! Best get on that! Have a great time!

  2. Best of luck, Julie! I will see you on Monday!

  3. You're nice...but I haven't finished yet. Thinking good thoughts for the show.