Salvage heaven!

i spent the last weekend in roanoke, virginia at my husband & my 30th high school reunion! 30... that is just craaazy...  it was so much fun catching up with many friends we hadn't seen in years. lots of talking over friday and saturday evenings. we also spent time with our parents which was nice, too.

 at one of our reunion events, i got to chat with my high school friend, susie, and found out about her business and about her husband's salvage business in town...

so, of course we had to go check it out before we left town. It was amazing! soooo many unique items all in one place.

this is just the first... small... room!  love the iron gates. 
there is just so much to love in this place.   there were 2 full rooms of just doors!  all kinds of old doors.  bathroom sinks, toilets, vanities.  there was even a full staircase to be purchased! 

beautiful stain glass windows

they had huge stain glass windows, windows, and other large pieces that we can't imagine how they moved them from their original 'home' to the store. 

so many things, so little time...
there was a large warehouse room that had 'booths' from various businesses ranging from woven bags to antique furniture to chalk paint.  anyone use annie sloan's chalk paint before??  it isn't paint that you can use chalk on... it looks wonderful and has lovely colors.  wish i had taken a picture of that booth. 

kitchen cabinets, rocking chairs, pharmacy signs...
it was such a wonderfully eclectic place to be.  we were limited in our time to spend there, but i could have looked for hours!  and spent a few dollars too! 

more tomorrow about black dog salvage & my friend susie's business, too... 

happy thursday!

~ julie

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  1. This is gorgeous! I'd love to visit!