2 floorcloths & a quilt

it has been a busy two weeks for me.  i have been trying to get some new floorcloths into my shop, finish up a couple quilts i have been working a... uh... a little to long, and also just keep up with life.  i am happy to say that i have now, today, finished two new floorcloths...
i really like this blue, black & white floorcloth.
the whimsical polka dot border balances the geometric design.

this one is turquoise with an orange/white border...
underneath is light green with brown swirls

and... i was able to send off a finished quilt to a wonderful friend down south who is moving to boston! 

front of the plus quilt!  so sweet!
and the back... i really think this turned out well.
and mostly, i love cam & alan. 
not a bad week... now to work on more wonderfulness.

happy monday!

~ julie


  1. Great floorcloths! Is that your deck? What a fabulous deck floor, too! LOVE that polka dot borders! Fantastic quilt...what a lucky couple getting such a great quilt :)

    1. thanks, mary! And, yes, that is our deck... My husband worked hard on it earlier in the summer. :) he did a great job!

  2. This is beautiful. I love the back. What is the difference between a floorquilt and a quilt?


    1. hi Amanda! I just discovered what a floor quilt was this past week... They are floorcloths that have fabric adhered to the canvas and then polyurethane painted on top, then you lay them on the floor and use as a rug... My floorcloths are used the same, but I make them using canvas, then painting them with acrylic paints, then seal them with the polyurethane. I am thinking of doing a tutorial on them in about 2 weeks. And quilts... Well, you know what those are because you make lovely ones. :)