blueberry heaven

one of my most favorite foods are blueberries.  i just love them!  i especially love a bowl of frozen blueberries on a hot summer day.  ahhhhh!  there is just nothing better.  trust me.

so, in preparation for my addiction, my husband and i went blueberry picking with his mom and her husband in wild, wonderful west virginia.  the farm is blueberry hill and is located just south of beckley.  they have 14-15 acres of blueberries.  10,000+ blueberry bushes!  the folks who run the place are so nice and friendly.  if you have a chance to go pick your own blueberries, definitely do it!  it's a great family activity.

we picked 25 pounds of blueberries!  and by the way... blueberries picked straight from the farm are WAY better than any of those ole stinkin' blueberries you get at the store! 

oh, and we are going to another farm closer to home tomorrow morning (in thornville, oh).  i would take another 25 pounds.  i need enough to get me through the winter! 

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