craft... to business?

my husband and i sat down last week and discussed starting to sell my floorcloths... as a business.  it was a great conversation, and i am really excited about the idea of doing something that i really enjoy and hopefully making a little money, too.

we made an initial business plan... you know, just a start.  and now, i have already started to implement some of our ideas.  it is a little scary and exciting all at the same time.  i am hoping to call a couple people i know who have started their own businesses and see what advise they have for me.  i am also planning to talk with some folks who have floorcloths i've made and see what comments they have about them...  i really want to make changes that will improve the quality and usability of the floorcloths.

what is a floorcloth you ask?  they are 'art for your floor!'  it is very similar to a painting you might hang on your wall which has been made from canvas.  i first start with blank canvas, prep it by 'shrinking' it, hem it, paint some gesso on both sides to help protect it, then the artwork begins.  i will paint whatever the design is in my mind (or sketchpad).  this can take many days depending on the number of colors being used and the detail of the design.  when all is complete, i then paint 5+ layers of polyurethane on the floorcloth to protect it from all the feet that will be stepping onto it.  (which hopefully is a lot!) the art of floorcloths actually dates back to colonial times... folks used floorcloths made from the canvas of the ship sails to cover their dirt floors. 

here is the most recent floorcloth i completed.  it was a gift for the cutest little fabric shoppe around, 'sew to speak' in clintonville, ohio.

here is another one i made last year which i just love.  i used a technique which makes it look like it has some worn areas. 

in those worn areas, there is a different design underneath.  i think it is a great effect and allows more colors to be incorporated into the floorcloth.

sooooo, i am working on some new floorcloths now, and i will keep everyone up-to-date as to when they will be for sale!  if you have suggestions, etc, feel free to leave me a comment!  

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  1. YAY!!!! YIPPEEE!!! I have been waiting for you to do this! You are soooo creative and everything you do is golden. I would love to hear more about the process you are going through....I need to get out your way for coffee!