little early spring

the 'winter' weather has been, well, not very wintery so far this year... no doubt that will change soon!  and i am sure some of y'all are reading that and saying, "shhhhhhh!!"  i, however, actually like some snow in my winters, so i hope it will show its white smiling face soon!  in the meantime, i have added a little springiness to my etsy shop.  yay!  my newest floorcloth is now for sale at the lime loft... don't you just want to see this under your feet everyday?

flower floorcloth in browns, turquoise & bright green. 

i just love these colors and am so happy at the completed floorcloth.  here is a shot of what it looks like in front of the kitchen sink:

this is looking good... might have to make one for myself...

as for the new year being here... i am still trying to figure out how to better organize my craft/work room (new year, new organization. right?) and finding the random christmas decorations we missed when we took them all down last week.  there are always one or two things that you look at and say, 'how did we miss that?' does this happen to you?

well, i am off to work on my next design or sewing project... not sure which direction i will go, but either one is going to be fun! 

~ julie

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