sugar sweet

so, i just love the sweetwater line of fabric called 'hometown'... it is hard to find now, but i ordered a jelly roll a while back.

it has the loveliest colors, and it has been calling my name for a while.  as well, i love the quilt pattern 'sugar dish' i ordered from cluck, cluck, sew early last spring, but i just hadn't had the time or right fabric to start it.

now my two favorites have finally come together!  i started my sugar dish quilt last week...  it is looking good so far.  it just makes me smile to see the beautiful colors sliding through my fingers on the sewing machine.  ~smile~

on a separate train of thought... i just started a class today from mayi carles.  It is called "Life is Messy Bootcamp." It's a class for folks making living, wanting to make a living, or those thinking about making a living from being creative... and then creating. there are women from all over the globe in the class.  so far i have 'met' other creative people from singapore, uk (living in japan), cyprus, illinois, michigan, venezuela (living in montreal), portugal, north carolina, and panama!!  how exciting is that??  check it out at the link to the right...

and... here is the finished quilt top for sugar dish... now, i have to contemplate how this will be quilted. eventually. 

ooooooooh, and one more exciting note... my oldest son just found out last week that he will be serving his first tour in the army in HAWAII!  he won't be there until next summer (2013), but how exciting is that?  now we have a new trip to start planning! woop-woop!  or should i say aloha?!

~ julie

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  1. Ahhh....my sister and husband were stationed in Hawaii....after Alaska and before San Francisco! We should have gone to each stop, but poor and too many kiddos! ugh. Love the Dresden.