In the Kitchen: Peppermint Patties

i really love to cook.  especially bake, because making something delicious in the kitchen makes me happy.  it seems that lately though things have been busy and even when i am cooking dinner... it is in a hurry.  that takes away from the fun of it all, doesn't it?  i feel like if you hurry making the dinner, then everyone tends to eat fast,  too. (although my sons always seems to be able to finish their dinner before i can even take 4 bites... what is that all about?)

so this weekend, i made a decision... each weekend i am going to find a few recipes from all the wonderful recipes i have 'pinned' on pinterest and make them!  take my time and enjoy the process!  i look at my recipe board (find it here) and want to make them all! but time is an issue... so hopefully this will help that situation!!  i am excited about it!  woop-woop!

this past weekend i started out small (since i just made this decision) and made peppermint patties.  they turned out great!  i followed this recipe:

picture & recipe from ...but can she bake?  check it out!
i did make a few changes.  i decided to take the 'dough' and roll it into a log which was around 1" across, wrap that in parchment paper, and put that in the fridge for several hours.  then i took the roll out and cut it into discs about 1/4 inch thick... you could make them whatever size you wanted to.  it worked out great.  the original recipe called for rolling the dough out like you would a cookie and cutting it with a circular cutter.  this just seemed like it would have lots of leftover which i would have to  reroll... who wants to do that?  so, voila, a log cut up instead!  sorry i didn't take pictures of that!

oh, when making the dough... i just dug in with my hands and worked the dough together.  it worked wonderfully and really didn't take very long.  i tried using my kitchenaid mixer first... that did not work so well.

outside of the kitchen, i am busy working on two new floorcloths for the shop.  hope to finish those by the end of the week!  wish me luck :-)

have a great week!

~ julie

ps... if you go to buy the peppermint oil... i couldn't find it at the store so i asked at customer service and found out that they keep it in the pharmacy area.  not sure why??  anyway, just wanted to give you a heads up.

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