a work in progress... me

over the last week or so i have been adjusting my daily schedule. this is not an easy task... even though it does sound easy: make a new schedule for what i want to do each day and do it, right? uh, not really.

the beginnings of two new floorcloths

as i begin designing and creating more floorcloths for my etsy shop, i must figure out a productive schedule and try to stick with it. and there, in the 'stick with it' part, is the difficult portion. at first i planned to be up early every day! oh, that sounded great. by 9am i would already have eaten, read some, showered, answered emails, and be into a project.

polka dots are great, aren't they?

hmmmmm.... well, let me first say that i am naturally not a morning person. once i get up and have a cup of tea, i am good to go. i actually do not like to go back to sleep. but, it is that 'getting up early' part that my body battles with each day. then there is the getting distracted by finding things that need to be done which are not on 'the list', making something for breakfast that takes a little longer, wondering into pinterest wonderland, and so on.

another lovely new floorcloth... this red & yellow is looking good!

frequently i find myself at 9am still needing a shower and not in the middle of a project. time to re-assess this situation. i think it is important to have a schedule that works for me that also embraces my natural tendencies and at the same time pushes me just a little to be more organized/productive. but, not so structured that i end up not wanting to be working on that new floorcloth, market bag, or whatever the project of the day is. so, i am still adjusting that. i realize now that at 9 am i am usually starting my 'work' day.

one last look before it is all finished...

i am using the wonderful planners by mayi carles which you can find here if you are interested in also organizing. i actually like 'to do' lists and these are perfect to get my monthly plans, weekly plans, and daily plans in order... there is even a cute list for my weekly menu plan! i realize i am a work in progress... after 48 years, it should be obvious that i will always be a work in progress! but isn't that a wonderful thing? learning new things, changing up your life a little, experiencing new places and people. i am embracing my new life of an entrepenuer/artisan/sewist/explorer... and the challenges that come along with that. including figuring out that perfect schedule that works best for me.

do you also have a hard time keeping a regular schedule? if you have any hints on what helps your day go well, let me know!

 ~ julie


  1. Looks good. One hint: Keep working at it and enjoying it, and you can not fail. Love you.

  2. Hi, Julie! I was thinking about you today and was going to call, but couldn't find your phone number. :( I decided to check out your site, so I could see a little of what was going on in your world. I was surprised to see you had just written something. You are so creative and such a great writer! And you and Phil are the cutest couple! Thanks for being you and for being such a wonderful friend. :)

    1. thanks for visiting my blog! it is time for us to actually visit each other in person.

  3. Oh yeah, I feel your pain! I have an end time rather than a start time. I know that at a certain point in the day (usually about 3 pm) I have to be wrapping up. So no matter when I start - I know I have to wrap up by about 3. Then the amount of time I have that day dictates what I work on! Does that make sense....probably not...sorry.

    1. haha, mary, i totally understand. we are the exact same... except opposite. right? at least when it comes to planning our days. been thinking of you!