fresh floorcloths...

i am so excited to have 2 new floorcloths in my shop!  i was hoping to have them online a little sooner, but, well, that just didn't happen. 'tis life sometimes.  they are up and available at the lime loft now though. yay!

a lovely 'worn' red & yellow floorcloth!

green polka dots. need i say more?
and let me just say, this crazy warm weather in the midwest is making it hard to concentrate.  i just want to go outside, sit on the front porch swing, and say "hi" to everyone walking by with their dogs!  which reminds me... our cute dog went to get a 'haircut' yesterday..

before... (and yes, he does have one blue eye and one brown eye)

and after... haha... they did leave a lot around his face,
so he looks a little lionish when he isn't looking up at me
like he is in trouble.
ah, now that feels better!  he loves it when he comes home from the groomer with his short military haircut. and there is A LOT less fur floating around the house, too. bonus!

happy wednesday

~ julie


  1. Your baby is so cute! I love Australian Shepherds. What cloth do you make your floorcloths with? Do you use a canvas or the back of vinyl flooring?


    1. hi april! I use #10 canvas. I have just always made them with fresh canvas. I have seen the back of vinyl flooring though. I do love our dog, but he is a little ca-raaazy sometimes :) thanks for visiting my blog!