in the kitchen... sort of

i am cheating just a little... i did not make anything in the kitchen on saturday.  we spent the day at the st. patrick's day parade in columbus and then hung out with some friends afterwards.  but, i did just returned from a quick visit to my parents' "snowbird" home outside of brandenton, florida.  i know, i know... tough life, right?  it was great fun to see my mom & dad, but a bonus was the fact that 3 of my nieces came to visit, too! they are so beautiful!

3 nieces & their grandmom! loveliness!!

we found lots to do including an afternoon trip to the beach, a picnic on snead island, and then my mom & i also made a small road trip to goodson farms strawberry market the morning before i left to come home!

if you are near sun city, florida... you must go here!

ooooooooooh, my! i couldn't believe how many strawberries there were to both purchase (if only i could have carried them on the plane!!)..

don't you just want to reach in here, pick up a strawberry, and take a bite?

..and piled on top of our shortcake & sundae!

strawberry shortcake for me. strawberry sundae for my mom.
we couldn't eat it all!

the weather was wonderful, but then again... i think it was pretty fabulous in most of the u.s. this past week, too.

i can't wait for june and the strawberry season here in ohio!  with the way the weather is going right now though, they might be arriving in may.  and i am not complaining about that. not one bit!

happy monday!

~ julie

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  1. I'm glad you had such a great trip! We all need a little vacation right about now I think. Also, those strawberries are making my mouth water. I love shortcake!

    Amanda Rose