inspiration location: the union hall

my sweet husband and i sat down the other day to talk about my new business, my blog, and how they all blend together.  as we chatted, we thought it would be a great idea if i spent some time each week in a new location and see what interesting things i might find there.  what do i see there that could be inspiration for future floorcloths (or anything else i may decide to design or make, woop-woop!)??  so, with that in mind, each friday on my blog, i will post a variety of pictures from my 'inspiration location.'

so... this week i spent time at the columbus firefighter's union hall on st. patrick's day after the annual parade (which my husband marched in with his firefighting 'brothers'). it was a great day!  the older part of the building used to be the columbus railroad station. the union hall was added to the original building about 6 years ago.  here are some of the sights... hope you find something inspirational, too.


happy friday!

~ julie

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