connecting to 9/11

as i watched the 9/11 memorial this morning, my heart was heavy.  the sweet children who lost parents on that sad day 10 years ago, now reading names of other lives lost as well as their parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents.  the brothers and sisters who lost a sibling.  the parents who lost their children before their time.  the memorial looks beautiful and peaceful with the water flowing over the falls.  my family is not directly connected to the events of 9/11/01, but i feel a connection deeply through my son's choice to serve his country in the u.s. army, my husband's previous service in the u.s. army, and my husband's current position as a firefighter in columbus.  i am blessed with a wonderful family, and i lifted up my prayers this morning to those who were remembering loved ones that were lost.  we are also blessed to be living in an amazing country.  i hope that we might smile at someone we don't know today, say 'how are you?' and really want to hear what they say, and hug those you love who are nearby.  may god bless all how happen to find themselves reading this blog and give you strength. 

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