pearl cotton love

some of the pearl cotton i have 'in stock' at the moment.
when i was taught to quilt last year, it was by my friend mary.  she teaches hand quilting with pearl cotton.  i like the machine quilted quilts as well, but i loooove hand quilting.  mary introduced me to pearl cotton by valdani which has a beautiful assortment of colors and sizes.  the cute little shop where i shop (sew to speak) has a small selection of choices which is usually all i need... but one of the quilts i made in the spring became an issue.  i decided to start quilting with a color i already had.  fine. no problem.  until i ran out and no one around had the same color!  what to do?  i searched the internet to find someone who sold it AND who had the same color.  turns out it wasn't as easy as it sounded.  but, finally i found a great online store called snowflake memories.  they had so many to choose from.  and luckily i found a perfect match... and then i was able to finish my quilt. shoooo.  that was a close call.  so, if you love pearl cotton and/or hand quilting then definitely check out snowflake memories.  They were great to work with and shipped it zippity-zip!


  1. I hate when stuff like that happens! Glad you found it though. I am from Columbus area too! And I love sew to speak and adore Mary (she is so talented!). Have you been to Louises in Powell? I heard they have a large selection.

  2. Thanks for the link Julie! Had fun in class on Friday!!!