union jack

my first union jack pillow!
friday night i was lucky enough to take a class by mary at sew to speak.  this was a union jack pillowcover class.  there were 5 great ladies in the class, and it was so much fun to see the various fabric choices everyone had made.  it is not a typical union jack... it is our own interpretations of the union jack flag from britain.   i am inspired to make a few more as gifts with some more adventurous fabrics (which means something with polka dots).  it was suggested to give some as gifts prior to the upcoming olympics in england.  here we are at the end of class with our finished cases...

cute, right?


  1. Right! Very cute! This was a great group and loads of fun!

  2. great union jacks, sounds like you had enourmous fun!

  3. Oh how much fun! I love your pillow covers and so jealous that you are able to attend a class by Mary. You all are lucky girls! :o)