designing daughter

last week, my daughter decided she wanted to make a quilt... so, she ordered some beautiful fabric called silent cinema by jenean morrison which quickly arrived on saturday afternoon from hawthorn threads (fyi, they have a ridiculous amount of fabric to choose from).  she arrived at our house at about 6pm excited to see her fabric.  who isn't excited to see and touch the new fabrics they ordered, right?

then she started surfing pinterest to find a design she had 'pinned.'   she found one, but it was a smaller baby quilt, and her plan was to make a full-size quilt.  so, what is a new quilt maker (she has made one baby quilt so far) to do?  design her own, of course!

she based it off of the quilt she liked, came up with the measurements, color order, and was ready to cut the fabric by about 8pm!  soooo, we spent the evening cutting all the pieces so she would be ready to start sewing sunday morning.  and that is just what happened.

by noon, she was about half way done!  i helped with ironing and a little of the sewing.  and by 5pm, her quilt top was done!  how amazing is that?  it turned out beautiful as well...

next visit she will be completing the back and then... hand-quilting!  she is amazing!

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  1. Well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - does it? I love it Julie!!! I adore that fabric line :) She is talented like mom!