2011 goals...

i was thinking this morning... what exactly were some of my creative goals for 2011?  I remembered that I had posted some of the fun things i wanted to complete back at the beginning of january.   here they are...
another baby quilt (for another friend)
a twin quilt (or two)
some cute aprons
a carry bag (preferably with a lesson from sew to speak)
several floorcloths 
something crafty with felt

so, how am i doing so far?  well... completed 2 more baby quilts here and here. check. made a couple quilts here and here. check. made some handbags here and here. check. learned how felt is made and made some felt balls. check.  
cute felt balls...
with that in mind, i am going to focus on making some aprons (wanted to do that as christmas gifts anyway), completing several of my floorcloths (did make one for sew to speak, but want to make some more), and would like to make a large travel bag which i found a pattern for...  how much time is actually left in this year?  i know how it flies by, so i better get on the ball.  cleaning the house will just have to wait.  this is important stuff, right?


  1. So YOU'RE the floorcloth lady!!! I added your blog to my google after Mary mentioned it last week on hers. The floorcloth in Sew to Speak is so fantastic! Do you have any information about them online? Also, I'm curious where/how you learned about felt, I'm so interested in but don't know where to start...

  2. Glad to see you have your priorities right!! Sounds like you have made great progress on your goals.Have a great weekend.