a new ride...

i have always loved mini coopers.  what can i say?  they are little and cute... two things that always appeal to me, so a couple weeks ago we sold the car i had been driving for about 4 years to our daughter and her husband... which meant that i could finally look for a car i loved!  woo-hoo!  we have looked at a lot online and at several in person until we finally found the perfect one.  and after all that... i DO love it!  here is a shot of its loveliness:

my sweet mini
it just makes me smile to get in it and drive it.  :)  it is zippy and fun.  anyway, that is what i have been spending quite a bit of time on lately in addition to my weekend trips to the beach and my brothers wedding.

also, i have made 2 more handbags!  they are popular with my family and friends, so i have been trying to catch up on them.  here are the newest 2:

i still have one more to make to be up to date on the 'orders' i have received. then, i will be back to working on my floorcloths and a quilt that needs to be done by mid-september.  i know, i know, i better get my behind in gear!


  1. I have the same mini but in laser blue, its a dream to park and drive so I share your mini love! fabulous handbags is there a tutorial for them? :0)

  2. thanks, dana! the bags are from an amy butler pattern called 'frenchy bags.' the pattern comes with a large bag and a smaller one... i made the smaller ones. also, i used canvas in place of the interfacing. they turned out great. although my sewing machine did struggle with some of the corners that have several layers of the canvas. :-)