new little neighbors

years ago my husband built a birdhouse and attached it to one of our children's windows upstairs.  nothing happened... no birds came... for years.  in the meantime we did have some wasps take up residence for a while.  it was interesting to watch them... and to knock on the window to stir them up (knowing they could not get us because we were on the other side of the glass!  mean, i know, but the truth). 

anyway, eventually, after years, some sparrows decided that our cute little run down birdhouse was worth rehabbing. and in they moved!  so, they have been raising their families there for the past 4 - 5 years or so.  we heard a lot of chirping the other day and my husband noticed that the latest eggs had hatched.  sometimes their is so much nesting that we aren't able to see inside, but not this time!  here are our newest little additions to the neighborhood:

mom (or dad, i can't tell them apart) showed up yesterday with a big huge grasshopper in her mouth.  good to know that they are eating well!

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