no rest for the weary

things have been busy around our house for the past week or two.  our oldest son headed back to west point after 7 months of medical leave.  his classes start this coming monday, and he has surgery on the 25th...  our daugher and her husband have now interviewed for the peace corps and are awaiting an assignment which they hope will begin next june.... our youngest son had golf tryouts all last week and matches started this week.  we (my husband & i) try to go to all his matches because: 1. we love seeing him play and 2. we love leaving the cares of the world and just relaxing on the course.  in addition, our church served lunch to 180 band members at a local high school for which i made 200 cookies and baked 35 potatoes.  it was fun to work with my friends from public house and see the kids eating lots of taco salads, too!

i actually did (almost) finish straightening the computer room/office the other day, but haven't had a chance to take a picture in the day.  that will be coming soon. 

i hope to be working on a few handbags, painting a floorcloth, and reading a new book starting this weekend.  oh,  and getting my latest quilt top put together.   too much?  well, i will at least try to get started on something.  :-)

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